Market Research

Market ResearchUnderstanding the market, the newest trends, your competitors, and your potential clients is important if you want to succeed or remain successful on the Japanese market.
Witan, as a third party can help you obtain the necessary information and data from client oriented research and information gathering activities you may not be able to conduct by yourself.

Quantitative and qualitative research

Witan has proven its ability to conduct thorough research for various projects in-house, cooperating with an expert in Internet research and survey technology when necessary.

Based on our client’s needs, Witan will provide you the most effective means of research:

Market Research
  • internet research
  • focus group interviews
  • onsite survey
  • mail survey
  • telephone interviewing

Witan can provide you with the research data, an analysis of the data compiled into a report, and based on the findings, can provide you with a PR strategy.

Market Study

market_research_03When you are looking for a more in-depth analysis of the research data, and a broader view of the market, the trends, competitors, and possible business partners, Witan can prepare a fully detailed market study for your product, company, etc.